• 春节
  • 2022-09-13

时事热点 作文打卡6 合力抗疫




提示词语:wear masks,wash hands,keep in distance,avoid crowds,make fewer trips outside,check body temperature,epidemic prevention and control疫情防控,disinfectant wipes消毒湿巾

介绍春节的英语作文 篇1 A new year ,a new start,when I stand on the edge of a new year,I can't help thinking about my plan of next year. Just as the old saying:“Well began the half of the success。


·What school rules should you follow?

·How do you usually protect yourself?


Dear Peter,英语作文介绍春节100字带翻译。

I’m glad to write to you.

There are some school rules that you should follow. Besides normal school rules,you should also obey some special ones. You should wear masks all the time except during meal time. You should wash your hands when you go out or touch some public areas. You should check body temperature and report it to the teacher.

春节的英语作文篇1 The Spring Festival is the most important festival in ChinaOn this New Year's Eve,my family stayed at home。

In response to the epidemic prevention and control,I take action to protect myself. I keep in distance from others and avoid crowds. I make fewer trips outside than before. I use disinfectant wipes to avoid viruses.

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Li Hua

过春节的英语作文1 Will Christmas Replace the Spring Festival?Christmas arouses increasing attention year by year in China. Christmas cards become popular with students。

2.疫情之下,人们更重视健康问题。假如你是Li Hua,春节英语作文带翻译,最近收到美国笔友Peter 的电子邮件。请你阅读后回复。

要求:1. 词数在90-110左右。

2. 文章不得出现真实的人名、校名。

Dear Li Hua。

How is everything going on? Since the outbreak of COVID-19,people pay more attention to their health. What do you do to keep healthy? And how to relax yourself?

Looking forward to your letter.


写春节的英语作文spring festival2 The Spring Festival, is the most important festival in people's hearts, in the northeast, we pay attention to is a lot about the Spring Festival。



Dear peter。

I am glad to receive your letter. How is everything going with you? During the special period,we have realized it’s more important for us to keep healthy and relax.

As for me,first,I need to do eye exercises between classes to make my eyes relax. I can’t go out to play because of the epidemic. So I can do body building exercises indoors every day. Second,I have healthy eating habits. I often eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit. I don’t eat too much meat. Last,being happy is another way to keep healthy. When I’m tired or unhappy,I usually try to make myself relax by listening to music or chatting with my friends. I often smile. I think smiling makes me relax and healthy.

Best wishes!


Li Hua


Dear Li Hua。

How are you doing these days? I miss you so much and I’m really sorry that I can’t go back home to spend the most important time with you. How is your study? How do you get on with your classmates? What are you going to do to go to the best high school?

Hope you can work hard to achieve your goal.




Li Hua


Dear Dad。

I’m so happy to get your letter. I miss you very much,too. Please take good care of yourself.

Don’t worry about my study. I do well at school. My classmates are warm-hearted and friendly. When I have problems,they will help me solve it.

I want to go to the best high school when I finish middle school. To achieve my goal,I must study hard. Besides,it is important for me to form a good habit of taking exercise. Doing exercise is not only beneficial to health but also can help me concentrate on my study.

All the best!


Li Hua



1. 写作要求:

春节英语作文篇1 我的春节 My Spring Festival The Spring Festival is the most important festival all the year round for the Chinese. During this Spring Festival, I have a good time. First of all。




2. 注意事项:





Dear friends。

It’s nice to be able to speak to all of you. The epidemic sounded the alarm of health and safety,and people increasingly want to have a safe and healthy lifestyle. People are more aware of the importance of keeping healthy. This can make us work and study better. How to keep healthy?

春节英语作文 篇1 Spring Festival is the most importantand popular festival in Spring Festival ,the people usually clean and decorate their they go to the Flower Fairs to buy some Spring Festival 。

First,I think we should eat more fruit and vegetables. Second,exercise one hour a day. Going to bed early and getting up early are also good choices. Third,washing hands often is an important way to keep healthy. If you have to go out,be sure to wear a mask.

I think during this special period,we should work together to care for a healthy and cherish life.

Thanks for listening to my speech.








春节英语作文 篇1 The Spring Festival, Chinese New Year,is the most important festival for all of family members get together on New YearEve to have a big the same time, everyone celebrates to each about 12 oclock。


Good morning,ladies and gentlemen! It’s my honor to share my great hometown withyou.

Xiangyang,my hometown,is in the northwest of Hubei Province. It is a place with a long history and beautiful scenery. When it comes to Xiangyang,the place we have to say is Gulongzhong. It’s said that Zhuge Liang lived in seclusion here,and the story of Sangu cottage happened here. Gulongzhong has beautiful scenery all year round. The most memorable is the special snacks. Beef noodles,spicy,delicious,endless aftertaste,春节英语作文带翻译100字,I really like it! I love my hometown Xiangyang.

Today,in such a beautiful place,we welcome the first batch of 102 medical team members from the three places to Xiangyang for recuperation. Here we would like to express our gratitude for the heroic feat of our medical teams in Liaoning,Ningxia and Fujian rushing to Xiangyang. Thank you. I hope they have a good rest here.


6.为了彻底地战胜新型冠状病毒(COVID-19),我们学校开展了“为抗疫而战”(Fight Against COVID-19)的征文活动,号召大家从身边的小事做起,尽自己最大的努力,为抗疫贡献自己的力量。请你写一篇文章参赛。

疫情的概述1. 疫情的蔓延阻碍了社会的发展;影响了我们的生活和学习;

2. 很多的医务工作者们奋力工作,努力帮助病人康复。

我们的行动1. 遵守公共场所规则,如,不聚集,主动出示健康码;

2. 养成良好的卫生习惯,如,勤洗手,戴口罩;

3. ……

参加的意义1. 尊重生命,善待自然,健康生活;

2. 提升自我,乐于助人,……

要求:1) 表达清楚,语法正确,上下文连贯;




词汇:健康码 green health codes


At the beginning of 2020,春节短文30字英语,COVID-19 broke out and spread rapidly around the world. It has brought us a great disaster and is challenging us completely.

The spread of the epidemic has hindered the development of society. It affects our life and study. Many medical workers are working hard to help the patients recover. In order to fight against it,we need to observe rules in public places,such as showing green health codes and not gathering. We should develop good hygiene habits,such as washing hands frequently and wearing masks. We have online classes at home in order not to gather.

To respect life,to treat nature well and to live a healthy life are what I have learned in this fight. We should improve ourselves and be willing to help others.


了解远离(stay away from)病毒(virus)的知识1. 呆在家里,除非必要,尽量不要外出。
2. 户外带防护口罩(protective masks),减少(reduce)接触(contact)


3. 勤洗手。
4. 保持室内干净整洁。
养成良好的生活习惯1. 多吃水果和蔬菜。
2. 锻炼身体是必需的,这样可以增强(strengthen)免疫力( immunity)。


1. 100词左右(开头已给出,不计入总词数)。

2. 可以适当增加细节,使行文连贯。


Dear schoolmates。

it’s a time for family gathering and all of us enjoy it.在我国,一年有很多节日,在这些节日中,我最喜欢春节。这不仅因为它是一年中最大的节日,更因为它是新一年的开始,给人们带来新的希望。

In the past several months,英语作文春节60词左右带翻译,the novel coronavirus has made its way around China. In order to make ourselves healthy,we students should do some small things to stay away from the virus.

First,we should learn how to stay away from virus. For example,for the benefit of ourselves and others,we should stay at home and don’t go out unless necessary. In addition,we are supposed to wear protective masks outdoors and wash hands as often as possible,which are effective ways to reduce the risks of contacting the virus. What’s more,we should keep the room clean and tidy. Besides,it’s a good idea to develop good living habits,like eating more vegetables and fruits. It is also necessary for us to do exercise more,which will strengthen our immunity.

Hopefully,you can do as we suggest and we finally believe that we can make a significant difference.

The Students’ Union

April 10th,2020



1. 80—120词,开头已给出,不计入总词数;

2. 文中不能出现自己的姓名和所在学校的名称。


1. 延期原因(疫情、健康...);

2. 建议(关注信息;坚持锻炼…)

3. ……


Dear runner(s)。

I&39;m sorry to hear that news like all of you. But I think it's good for our health and safety.

Although we can't join in the marathon now,英语春节小短文50字带翻译,we still have the chance to meet later in Chongqing. So keeping on paying attention to more information about the competition is necessary. In order to get better places in the marathon and build our bodies,let’s keep running every day. We can share our running records here or communicate with each other about the running skills.

Hope COVID-19 will be far away from us soon. See you in Chongqing later.






1. 文中需包括所有要点,每个要点要适当发挥,使文章通顺连贯;

2. 字数:110左右(开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入字数);

3. 文中不得提及真实的人名校名等相关信息。


Dear Tina。

关于春节的英语作文范文如下:The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. People usually decorate the doors and windows with red paper-cuts because red means good luck。

Happy New Year! Have you had a good time recently?

When it comes to the Spring Festival,everyone shows out a happy smile. During the Spring Festival,children often get red packets. Adults also put out fire crackers. But the situation this year is not the same. Because of the virus,we have to stay at home. The special thing is that we were asked to wear masks when we were out. We sent messages to greet others instead of going to their homes.

We had such a special and unforgettable new year. I found it interesting.

Yours sincerely。

Li Hua


10.去年疫情期间,同学们不得不在家上网课。有的同学认为不用去学校,既省了路上的时间又省了交通费用,而且还可以调整学习时间,在薄弱的学科多下点功夫。但有些同学则认为老师的面授效果更佳,独自在家把控能力差,也没有了和同学相处的乐趣。请以I Prefer to Study at School/at Home(选择你赞同的一方面)为题写一篇不少于80词的短文。


I Prefer to Study at School

To be honest,I prefer to study at school. I used to think how great it would be if we could study at home online. Then we wouldn’t have to get up so early every morning and there would be no fear of criticism for being late. But the truth is not what I thought. Studying at home seems to be busier than at school.

Every morming I had to get up early as usual. Students were asked to upload photos or videos of reading books. Looking at computer screens,we had more than eight hours’ online lessons to take every day. My eyes were really dry and tired at the end of the day. Even worse,my parents’ voices were always in my ears. They never stopped complaining of me.

Every day was the same. We even lost the weekends. Teachers gave us lessons to answer questions on weekends. They were also busier than before. I guess teachers would prefer to go to school like me.