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As a primary source of information as well as an efficient means of communication,关于度假的英语作文60词左右,the Internet offers people a colourful and convenient life. Just by clicking the mouse,we can enjoy a brilliant and easy life that could not be achieved ever before: shopping,making friends,contacting relatives,looking for jobs,downloading music and movies,conducting business deals,and freely airing our opinions.For its convenience,the Internet has attracted people like magnets and some people even claim that it is indispensable. To them,life can’t go on without it. Every day millions of people spend hours on end surfing the Internet. They are obsessed with it so much that they forget many other important matters.As for me,I don’t approve of unrestrained Internet reliance. Although the Internet is a gift of the technological revolution and a blessing of this information age,we should never let it control our life. The Internet absolutely doesn’t mean the whole world to us. Instead,we should guard against its negative effects. To those Internet addicts,I would add: Self-control can make or break your life. With proper use,the Internet serves you; otherwise,it kills you.


如下:My holiday was great. I went to Guilin with my family last week. We went there by train.我的假期很棒。上周我和家人去了桂林。我们坐火车去了那里。We stayed there for five days。




Global Shortage of Fresh WaterPeople often think that water will never be used up. There is plenty of water,such as rain,water from the rivers and wells. It seems as if water is always available around us and we never have to worry about water shortage.In fact water is rather limited on the earth. With the rapid increase of population and fast development of industries,water is more needed than before. At the same time,a large amount of water has been polluted and wasted every day. Some big cities in China are facing the problem of water shorage already. There,water supply is controlled and industry has been restrained.What should we do about the water shorage? I think,first,the people should be made aware of the real situation about the water. Everyone should consciously save on water and certain law should be made that no water will be polluted. We have to protect the existing water resources and develop new ones. In this way I believe that our cities will not be thirsty for water in the future.


worry about 发愁; 担忧; 为…发愁; 替…担忧

summer holiday I went to Guilin with my parents.The First day,we went to Du Xiu moutain and visited a museum.The museum was very intersting.It was building in Ming dynasty.And the Second day。

water shortage 水量不足;缺水;水荒;水短缺

on the earth 在地球上

At the same time 同时; 然而;不过

a large amount of 大量

water supply 给水; 供水; 给水系统; 供水系统










Private Cars in China

Private cars,in most developed countries,used to be the counterpart of bicycles in China. Nevertheless,more and more Chinese people have cars of their own nowadays. It is an indication of the lifted living standard of Chinese people. But in my opinion,private ownership of cars should not be encouraged in China.

There are sound reasons for the limitation of private cars in China. First,it is self evident that the automobile contributes much to air pollution. In China,especially in large cities whose residents are more likely to buy private cars,the pollution of the air is already very serious. More private cars will inevitably aggravate the present situation. Second,private cars can be a formidable threat to the traffic. To tell the truth,today many people can afford a car,if a large number of private cars rush onto the streets,the already dense traffic will suffer more. Last but not the least,the automobile consumes energy. We always proudly claim our country is rich in natural resources. But in the mean time,we need to remember we also have a large population. We do have rich resources of energy,but speaking of energy,we can not smile with ease.

Therefore,I sincerely believe that private cars should be discouraged in China. Then,度假作文英语40词左右,by what means shall we limit private cars?Since people buy private cars mainly for convenience,my first suggestion is to develop adequate public transportation which is effective and punctual. At the same time,we should raise the price of gasoline to a prohibitive level so as to make car-driving expensive enough. All in all,private cars,from my point of view,should be limited in China.


developed countries 发达国家

more and more 越来越

living standard 生活水平; 生活水准

in my opinion 我的意见是

private ownership 私人所有制;私有制

air pollution 大气污染;空气污染

present situation 当前形势; 现在的形势

tell the truth 说出真相








范文:This summer holiday I went to Guilin with my parents. The First day,we went to Du Xiu moutain and visited a museum.The museum was very intersting.It was building in Ming dynasty。


People who like traveling have their reasons. They maintain that traveling can help them expand there scope of knowledge,especially geographical and historical learning. They go on to point out that touring will provide more chance for them to enjoy food and try on clothes that they otherwise can not possibly have.Those,however,who dislike traveling have different opinions,they would argue that traveling means a considerable amount of money and energy . for example,traffic and accommodation require money and walking while seeing sights often tires you .In practice traveling offers more enjoyment than suffering .if your finance and health permit,you might as well do some traveling from time to time. It will at least enable you to get familiar with people and things that you will probably grow to like and love.


point out 指点; 指明; 指出,说出

for example 例如;比如

might as well 只好;也无妨; 和…一样

from time to time 不时地;间或;偶尔

5.文本 :





I think that health is much more important than wealth.As saying goes by,&34;1&34;0&34;.No health means nothing.

There are some reasons for my opinion.

Firstly,money don&39;t have health,although he owns lots of money,度假体验英语作文150字,he can't enjoy it. Last but not the least,health is the base of a man.Even he is poor now,but he is healthy and strong.I think he could work hard and earn lots of money.

In one word,health is more important than wealth.


much more 更; 何况

There are 有; 可数名词的复数形式;


Firstly 第一,首先

Secondly 第二,其次

lots of 许多; 很多

work hard 努力工作

more important 重要的; 有重大影响的;

有巨大价值的; 影响很大的; 权威的;

I Am Going to Hong Kong for My Vacation 我要去香港度假 This summer, for my vacation, I'm going to Hong Kong with my mother.I can visit Disneyland and lots of museums。





范文:How to Keep Healthy

I think healthy is important to everyone. If one has a healthy body,he can do everything he likes. They can a lot of jobs and make much help to others and society. If you don&39;t do your job well. Or you will make trouble to others. So you should keep healthy. Now I will give you some advice. First,do some sports every week. You can walk or jogging every morning after you get up. Don&39;s working,you can play some sports in the afternoon. Third in the evening,you mustn&39;s too bad for you. At last,pay attention to your diets. Its also plays an important part to your healthy. Eating more vegetables and less meat is good for you. I hope my advice can help you. They can help you make a strong body.And I hope you should keep healthy.


Keep Healthy保持健康

can do everything无所不会;样样都会

Last summer vacation,my family and I went to Qingdao by train.There was always sunshine and fresh air。

make trouble造成麻烦

you should你应该; 你应该要;

every morning每天早晨

after you您先

sleep late睡过头,迟起,睡懒觉

fresh air新鲜空气

I went to Beijing on my holidays.我假期去了北京。I went to Beijing more than eight times. Beijing is the capital of China. It’s a big city. I am very familiar with Beijing。

in the afternoon在下午; 每天下午; 午后

in the evening在晚上; 在傍晚; 晚间





Health and Eating Habits

Nowadays,it is commonly believed that health has a close relationship with eating habits. Scientific eating habits will ensure your good health. I strongly support the idea. In my opinion,if you want to keep healthy,you have to form the right eating habits. First,what you eat has an effect on your health. We are advised to eat more green food instead of junk food. Second,when you eat affects your health. You are wise to eat at proper time. Third,how much you eat influences your health. You should control the amount of food or something else properly. In conclusion,we should form good and scientific eating habits in our daily life.


good health 健康状况良好

In my opinion 我的意见是

The summer vacation is coming.My friends and I are going to travel.But we have different ideas about this vacation.Wang Ming loves somewhere peaceful。

keep healthy 保持健康

green food 绿色食品,无污染食品

instead of 代替; 作为…的替换

proper time 适当的时候;原时;本征时间

In conclusion 总而言之; 最后;总而言之




范文:Interest Is the Best Teacher

I heard many people say that Guilin is a beautiful city, but I didn't go there happily before. Last week I had the opportunity to travel there with my family.我听很多人说桂林是一个美丽的城市。

I was not able to get high marks when I was in primary school. teachers didn&34;little prodigy". and dad was on my side too. he encouraged me to do what i liked and what i thought was proper. He told me that interest is the best teacher,dad did what he could to develop my talent fully. i believe that interest together with hard work will make me a successful artist in the near future.


able to 可以; 有能力; 原来能够按时完成

primary school 小学

no fool 绝不傻almost all 几乎所有

in public 公开地; 当众

together with 和…一起[合起来]

hard work 难苦的工作

in the near future 在不久的将来;在近期





Nowadays,there is a view about&34;,which caused a heated discussion. As far as I am concerned,I think this opinion is right.I agree with it. The following aspects will hold my view.First of all,our parents teaches us how to do a useful person;besides,our parents makes us how to deal with all kinds of things; moreover,they teaches us to do houseworks;finally,we are told to cherish everything we have.We should say thanks to them for our parents are the best teachers.


agree with 与某人一致,同意,赞同某人的意见agree with通常不用于进行体,也不用于被动结构。; 与…相符,与…一致; 适合于of all 在所有…中; 最为; 在所有的人(或事物)中; (用于强调first,last或最高级形容词或副词)最……

how to do 怎么做

deal with 处理; 应付; 与…打交道; 克制; 冷静面对; 论述; 讨论; 涉及; 与…做买卖; 和…有生意往来

all kinds of 各种类型的; 五花八门的

cherish 珍爱; 钟爱; 爱护; 抱有; 怀有; 怀念

thanks to 幸亏;归因于


1. 你最喜欢哪本书;

a special vacation 英语作文如下:This summer , I had a really good time.What did I do? Let me tell you.I went to for vacation.The weather there is fine. And I visited 。

一次海边度假 A Seaside Holiday 10 On October 6th, 2 3, I went Xiao Meisha with my fellows to spend a nice seaside holiday. On our arriving at Xiao Meisha, we were all filled with excitement。



The book I like best is The Square and Circle.

Why I like this book so much ? Not because it is written by a popular person known by the world ,but it tell us something about our life and teach us how to be a real human! For example,if somebody hurt you,you should forgive him(or her),not to hate him ,so you can make a friend and maybe next time you are in trouble ,he can lend you a hand.

I think it's a good book ,if you have time ,I recommend you have a read.


like best 最喜欢

like this 像这样/像那样/照这样; 像这样

so much 和…一样多; 就只那么多; 多少

For example 例如;比如

you should 你应该; 你应该要; 翻阅字典查查这个生词

next time 下一次

in trouble 处于困境;惹麻烦;将受惩罚; 惹了麻烦

have time 有时间; 触剑狙击